This session was sadly interrupted by rain…and not just soft little passing sprinkles, but a down pour that effectively stopped us in our tracks.  I’m glad that we were able to get a few great ones in before the rain started!

I have been taking pictures of little S since she was three-months old.  It’s always fun to watch children grow and see all of the new things that they are doing.  She loved playing in the leaves and watching for dogs, birds and anything else that might make an animal sound.  She does the best monkey…you might even be able to guess what picture she’s doing that in :)

This group of cousins got together for a photo shoot for their grandparents.  They are as close as can be and you could tell that the younger ones look up to their older cousin.  And that they all love their grandparents very much.  We met at the Chickamauga Battlefield and even ran into a lot of deer while we were there.

I have been best friends with Mrs. H for 10+ years and I’m so excited to meet baby #2!!!  They have not found out what they are having so that will be a surprise but they have been working to prepare little D to be a big sister.  I know it’s an exciting, scary, happy time for them!  She is about 35 weeks pregnant and just is beautiful….Congratulations H family, can’t meet to meet the new little one!

It’s hard to believe that she is three-months old!  She has soooo much hair and a smile that lights up the sky.  We did a few of just baby E and then some family shots as well.

I’ve known Mrs. G for several years now and I was thrilled to take pictures of her new little guy.  He was three-months old for this shoot and was just a dream.  He smiled and cooed at his parents and they were happy to do the same.  Little J is so cute with perfect skin and a strong stomach and neck.  He can even turn over one way.  Love!

What more can I say? Love them!

Oh the joy of toddlers!  Little man H was about 18 months old for this shoot. He was one bundle of energy and thankfully we were outside at the Chickamauga Battlefield because he got to explore and we got to follow him around.  You could tell how much these parents care for their little guy.

I love doing Senior pictures!  They are up for anything and Miranda was no exception.  She was a trooper on a day that was a little cool.  She is graduating in 2012 and has plans to go on to school to be a nurse.  What a wonderful career choice!  Here’s a few from our downtown Chattanooga shoot.  We spent time by the Chattanooga Aquarium and by the river.

I had a great time with these girls/women!  They had four generations present to have their pictures done together.  It was clear how much they all care for each other and I loved seeing a family that was so close!  These were done at the Chickamauga Battlefield.