I love doing maternity pictures!  There is just so much excitement and anticipation.  This couple is expecting there first, a little boy.  You can tell how excited they are to meet him and she is just beautiful!

I have to say that this expectant little mama was amazing.  She is 37 weeks pregnant during this session and looks AMAZING!  She was up and down off the ground and just such a great sport about trying anything.  They are going to be wonderful parents to their little girl.

I have been best friends with Mrs. H for 10+ years and I’m so excited to meet baby #2!!!  They have not found out what they are having so that will be a surprise but they have been working to prepare little D to be a big sister.  I know it’s an exciting, scary, happy time for them!  She is about 35 weeks pregnant and just is beautiful….Congratulations H family, can’t meet to meet the new little one!