And here are a few of the little S family!  We broke apart from the bigger group to get some family pictures just for them.


I was lucky to photograph three generations!  Little R is this family’s pride and joy.  This family was up for anything and you could tell how much fun that they have together.  That’s one of the things I love about big families.

I had a great time with this family down at Coolidge Park.  It was a beautiful weekend day so the park was crowded, and our time was limited, but we were able to get some great family shots.

Oh the joy of toddlers!  Little man H was about 18 months old for this shoot. He was one bundle of energy and thankfully we were outside at the Chickamauga Battlefield because he got to explore and we got to follow him around.  You could tell how much these parents care for their little guy.

I had a great time with these girls/women!  They had four generations present to have their pictures done together.  It was clear how much they all care for each other and I loved seeing a family that was so close!  These were done at the Chickamauga Battlefield.