And here are a few of the little S family!  We broke apart from the bigger group to get some family pictures just for them.

Little J is nine months!  He is amazing in the amount of pulling up, cruising and moving he does.  He seems super happy, smiling and cheesing at the camera (and dogs) and interested in everything.


I was so excited for this little guy to arrive!  His parents decided not to find out what they were having so he was a surprise to all.  He arrived in time for Christmas and was such a sleepy, content baby.

It’s hard to believe that she is three-months old!  She has soooo much hair and a smile that lights up the sky.  We did a few of just baby E and then some family shots as well.

I’ve known Mrs. G for several years now and I was thrilled to take pictures of her new little guy.  He was three-months old for this shoot and was just a dream.  He smiled and cooed at his parents and they were happy to do the same.  Little J is so cute with perfect skin and a strong stomach and neck.  He can even turn over one way.  Love!