And here are a few of the little S family!  We broke apart from the bigger group to get some family pictures just for them.


I was lucky to photograph three generations!  Little R is this family’s pride and joy.  This family was up for anything and you could tell how much fun that they have together.  That’s one of the things I love about big families.

I love doing maternity pictures!  There is just so much excitement and anticipation.  This couple is expecting there first, a little boy.  You can tell how excited they are to meet him and she is just beautiful!

I had a great time with this family down at Coolidge Park.  It was a beautiful weekend day so the park was crowded, and our time was limited, but we were able to get some great family shots.

I have to say that this expectant little mama was amazing.  She is 37 weeks pregnant during this session and looks AMAZING!  She was up and down off the ground and just such a great sport about trying anything.  They are going to be wonderful parents to their little girl.

We missed doing 18 month pictures for little A, but this was soon after.  She wasn’t so sure about it, but once she got her favorite baby doll she was happy as can be.

Little J is nine months!  He is amazing in the amount of pulling up, cruising and moving he does.  He seems super happy, smiling and cheesing at the camera (and dogs) and interested in everything.


I was so excited for this little guy to arrive!  His parents decided not to find out what they were having so he was a surprise to all.  He arrived in time for Christmas and was such a sleepy, content baby.

I’m so far behind on posting sessions that I’m going to do what I can to catch up!  This session was done in December (yikes!).  I love this family, the two boys are hilarious and say the funniest things.  We had a little rain and had to figure out a creative solution, but the Choo Choo ended up being a great place.